LeAnn Rimes’ personal trolls

31 Aug

I don’t usually get caught up in celebrity news, but this story intrigued me. LeAnn Rimes is suing two members of the Twitter-verse over a private telephone conversation between the singer and one of the avid Twitter(ers). I’m having trouble figuring out what to call these people. From what I have gathered, the person was not a fan of Leann and had been posting hateful statements about her online.

Okay, so there is a lot more to the story and if you Google it, you will find all the information.

There are a couple of elements to this that I found interesting enough to delve into. To start off, that a celebrity would get caught up in such controversy. I have always heard that once you are in the spotlight, the criticism can be brutal. You just learn to deal with it. LeAnn has gone through a messy divorce and an affair scandal, which I imagine can cause quite a toll. Add on the fact that she is a social media junkie, and there’s a big problem. One word of advice: Get offline. I mean, calling a person you don’t know on the phone to get her to stop ridiculing you online isn’t the best idea. She should be above such a thing. Getting rid of my Facebook identity would be difficult and upsetting, but if need be, it could be necessary if problems arose. If she absolutely has to stay on Twitter or other sites for her fan base, hire a publicist or an assistant to manage the page.

Don’t get me wrong: Rimes is in her every right to sue the pair, as recording a private phone conversation without permission is illegal in the state of California. But as a celebrity with years of experience dealing with the general public, she should know better then to get embroiled in this kind of situation.

Two, about the two people named in the lawsuit. Allegedly, it is a mother-daughter pair, with the screen names of Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley. The mother is a teacher in California, while the daughter is still a teenager. I have a Twitter account and write nonsensical things once and awhile, but this is ridiculous. I went on to the site last night, and discovered a whole bunch of people that call themselves the “Brandi Bunch,” people who are fans of Brandi Granville, the first wife of Rimes’ husband. These people make it their livelihood on the Net to find celebrity gossip that could potentially hurt the singer. Post after post, they call her out on her weight, her relationship with her husband and step-kids, her fans, whatever. All I can say, it is pretty sad. When you are devoting so much time to a person you don’t know in real life, just to brutally attack them because of their personal lives — yuck.

The mother-daughter factor is another troubling element. A mother, supposedly a teacher, exhibiting such bad behavior online and to allow or encourage her offspring to do the same — well, wow. Mother of the Year! I don’t care what beef she has with Rimes. That is deplorable. The fact that she is a teacher, well, I hope that her school figures out that she is in this mess. If such a person were teaching my child, I would have huge reservations on her priorities and what kind of behavior she is exhibiting in the classroom.

These people are trolls. Just like the people commenting on online news articles. People with nothing better to do with their lives. Go read a book. Talk a walk, get off the damn Internet and accomplish something for yourself or others, rather than bash people you hardly (or don’t) know. I can just imagine what their obituaries would say in the future: “Well, for a good three years of their life, this person attacked a famous singer online.  Together with their catty friends, they just went on and on and on. That seemed worthwhile.”

My favorite part of this: I went on Twitter and maneuvered around the “Brandy Bunch” accounts. Rimes is calling them out for bullying, and they are defending themselves, “saying ‘and she isn’t bullying us?” As if it were justified. I am sure that Rimes and her fans were doing a fair amount of lashing out, but that is just it. It’s bullying on both sides, which is not right. Someone has to be the bigger, better person and just bow out.

I think I will just stick to commenting on ridiculous items of the day, and fight any of my battles in private. With people I actually know. Have I learned anything from my experience, trolling on other peoples’ accounts to read their stupid thoughts? No. Not at all. I might be dumber now for experiencing it. Yes, definitely dumber.


One Response to “LeAnn Rimes’ personal trolls”

  1. emc August 31, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    So true. I will never understand celebrities and I guess that’s a good thing because I sure wouldn’t want to have to worry about some random person talking about my life like they know anything.

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