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Where Are They Now: Gilmore Girls (a work in progress)

6 Oct

Everyone has been busy posting ‘Gilmore Girls’ Facebook statuses, thanks to Netflix recently adding all seven seasons to their collection. So here’s my contribution.

I have seen almost every episode at least six or seven times, and the show got me through some depressing times in my life, so … I’m pretty attached.

Here is what I think could have happened to each of the characters since we last saw them on The WB:

(Adding characters slowly).

Jess Mariano – Although his foray into the book store/art space was bold and well meant, it financially crumbled within a year’s time span. His first book sold modestly (with Luke buying enough copies to wallpaper the diner), but not enough to eek out a living on. He headed back to the West Coast to spend time with his dad after he was diagnosed with cancer. Through chemo treatments and remission, Jess took charge of his pop’s food stand on the boardwalk while writing a second novel – this time in the YA category. Starring a troubled young male with devilish good looks, Jess used his own experience to jump start his writing career. It worked. He was able to land an agent and a contract with a medium-size publishing company. With his dad in remission and their relationship firmly intact, he moved to NYC and became an editor at an online magazine.

Dean Forester – Oh, Dean. After sulking for what felt like an eternity in Stars Hollow, he started over. Well, he didn’t have a choice. His best friend Kyle and his ex-wife Lindsay began a relationship and quickly became pregnant. He moved out, she moved in, and Dean became more depressed than ever. Dean’s dad was transferred back to Illinois, so the whole Forester clan decided to make a go of it in the Midwest. Dean attended community college and received a carpentry degree (he also played a few games for the team before blowing his knee out and ruining any chances of an athletic career). After cutting his hand at a construction site, he was stitched up by Bethanie, a nurse, who stitched up his wounds and his heart. They quickly married a few weeks later, had seven children and are extremely involved in their church. He started Forrester Construction, Inc. and is happy with his current life. He still loves Lord of the Rings.

Logan Huntzberger – A heartbroken Logan headed off to California to start his new job. Colin and Finn followed suit. Logan partied hard to forget Rory, and he was fired for his lack of ever showing up. He washed his hands of the experience, and ended up backpacking through Europe in style for a couple years (financed by Daddy Warbucks). While soul-searching, he discovered a lot. Nadia. Celeste. Jessica. A couple Marias. Logan moved back to the East Coast and became his dad’s right-hand man and the heir of Huntzberger fortune, after his grandfather and father died in a private plane crash. He ended up marrying that lovely Fallon girl, BTW. Last I heard, Fallon’s weight bounces up and down 20 pounds every month, she chain smokes like none-other, and the philandering Logan is still out on the prowl.

Liz & TJ – I’d like to say that Luke told them to hit the Renaissance road and never come back, but no. Instead, they started stealing out of the register of Luke’s Diner and finally Liz’s dear brother had to put his foot down. He never called the cops on them, but the relationship was pretty damaged. They moved out of Stars Hollow and into an RV. TJ has been in and out of jail since then, with quick money schemes and DUI’s. Liz still calls Luke for help. Of course, Luke always sends them a check once a month like clockwork.

Lane and Zack – Hep Alien did make it big. Well, they had one hit single that rose up the charts. Touring became a nightmare with Steve and Kwan, so the couple put down the axe and drums and headed back to Stars Hollow. Sophie moved out to write a Broadway play based on her life, so they took over the music shop and started giving out lessons to local kids. They jam out still, but their craft took a backseat to raising their family of now four kids. Gil ended up reuniting with his 80’s rock band, while Bryan manages the Century 21 branch in Woodbury and loves wearing gold blazers and the health benefits that come along with the gig. Oh yeah, Lane and Mrs. Kim still enjoy a tense but loving relationship. Mrs. Kim has softened with the birth of her grandchildren and has ventured into the world of online dating.

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